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Halloween originated as a Pagan festival among the Celts of Ireland. The tradition has been adapted and transformed over the last several hundred years. The holiday really didn’t come to the US until the 1900s with the immigration of a large Irish population during the Potato Famine. Commercialization took over and in the 30’s and 50’s manufactured costumes and trick-or-treating became popular. Halloween is a great holiday for kids and grown ups alike. It is the second most popular holiday next to Christmas in the U.S.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe while trick-or-treating.
  • Stay in a group at all times.
  • Keep an eye on cars and traffic on the street.
  • Do not enter the home of any stranger.
  • Plan your route before you leave.
  • Don’t wear a costume that impedes your vision.
  • Try to choose a neighborhood that you are familiar with.
  • Cross the streets at the intersection instead of zig-zagging up and down the street.
  • Bring a flashlight with new batteries or a light up stick.
  • Be careful of open flames that could catch your clothes on fire.
  • Keep an eye out for dogs or other pets that may not be expecting you.
  • Inspect all the candy your receive. Throw anything out that looks like it has been tampered with.
  • Be courteous to the people you meet.
  • Carry a mobile phone and report any suspicious activity to the police.
  • If you are driving, keep your eye out for children darting across the street.

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How are you going to celebrate Halloween? Do you have some great tips to share with the neighbors? Leave a comment and share your ideas. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Learn more information on the history of Halloween at wikipedia.

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